Compression: The Distortion of Sound

Watch this documentary about the negative effects of compression on modern music. There is a noticeable degradation of sound quality between CD’s and highly compressed mp3’s. The result is poor sound quality and a listening experience that does not translate the original vision of the musical artist. Music consumers have sacrificed sound quality for the sake of convenience, but the listening experience has been compromised. Check out this short film featuring artists and music industry veterans sharing their experience with the decline of sound quality in modern digital music.

Wolf People – All Returns

Check out this British band conjuring retro rock vibes in spades with their offering of vintage Rock. This is a very promising band, and one that I continue to keep coming back to and hearing more awesome ear-candy. The layers of electric guitars, bass, and drums create an ambiance hearkening back to British Rock’s Golden era (1960’s-1970’s). You can hear the influence of bands like Jethro Tull, Jimi Hendrix, Fairport Convention, jam bands, and even traditional Folk in their music. I highly recommend their full length album “Fain.” Listen to it when you have time to hear it in it’s entirety, since the true beauty shines brightest when taking in the album as a whole.